The Happy Bird Company

Eco Bird Biscuit Creators Launch Crowdfunding Project to Help the Environment and Bird Population Globally


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- The Happy Bird Company based in York, England hopes to raise just over $150,000 for the production of their innovative product, the Eco Bird Biscuit, in a crowdfunding project recently launched on Indiegogo. To aid the environment, feed ample wildlife a nutrient rich product, and tap into the astronomical amount spent globally on bird food per year the company has created an exceptional way to meet all objectives. “Our product benefits everyone. Not only does it answer environmental questions it’s a great way to educate children and parents about how to think outside the box when it comes to saving the planet.” said Graham Cooper, CEO of The Happy Bird Company. “It’s easy, clean and resourceful. What more could a consumer ask for?”

The Eco Bird Biscuit is a patented ready-made mix of natural proteins, starches and premium bird seed contained in a handy pouch. The product comes with a mixing tray and mould to round out the “make your own” kit. To make the biscuit all one needs is water but for extra nutrition, some waste cooking fat or oil can be added. One minute in the microwave binds all the elements together to literally bake a fantastic high energy biscuit that birds love. “Often people put their used oil down the drain. This is not only bad for the environment, it also carries a high financial cost for consumers and water utilities alike. Our kit comes with a handy container to keep used oils for future biscuits.” added Cooper.

The Eco Bird Biscuit is now ready for manufacturing as extensive research, testing and design reiterations have been made. The Happy Bird Company also commissioned a scientific study by York University Bio Renewables Development Centre who concluded that, “The use of eco bird biscuit product may actually provide more control over the amount of microbes wild birds are exposed to when made following the method suggested on the packaging." Creators now need to manufacture the product and launch the sales and marketing campaign to major retailers in the UK initially and then to Europe and the USA. Interested Distribution Partners for Europe and USA should contact Graham Cooper

Environmentally speaking the product will help sustain the declining wild bird population but also help alleviate the 170,000 tons of waste cooking fats and oils put down sinks in the United Kingdom alone. The United States estimates that 40 to 60% of all preventable sewage system overflows nationwide are due to fats, oils and grease. Utilizing the 50% of the population in the UK and the 55 million Americans who feed wild birds in their gardens this multi-tasking product has the potential to change the planet one bird biscuit at a time.

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