Eco-Friendly Brass Casting: Gatonbrass Begins to Produce Lead-Free Brass Sand Casting Parts


Zhongshan, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2016 -- Gatonbrass Product Manager Erik Yang, has today announced that they will be focusing on the eco-friendly brass sand casting. The company indicated that they will be working with other global agencies that have been campaigning for the use of Greenalloys. This is also an attempt for the sand cast pasts manufactured by the company to comply with the ASTM B standards.

Apparently, some states in the U.S., which happen to be one of Gatonbrass main markets; have already enforced laws on eco-friendly plumbing parts.

"It is important that we focus on manufacturing processes that do not threaten either the environment or health," said Erik. "This is a collective responsibility and our company will do everything possible to invest in eco-friendly brass casting parts."

Gatonbrass is one of those companies that manufactures and supplies a number of brass plumbing parts in large scale. These plumbing devices manufactured from brass metal include valves, fittings, connectors, taps and faucet aerators. These also include a number of brass precision parts.

The future of the lead-free brass sand casting

This is a new initiative in the brass parts casting industry that the company has ventured into. The lead-free brass Gatonbrass will be using possess the following essential features:

1. It has excellent machinability.
2. It is easy to achieve superior surface finishing.
3. Guarantee low manufacturing costs - cost effective.
4. The metal has high strength. It can be compared to the stainless steel.
5. Eliminated the dezincification corrosion
6. Possess good fluidity properties. It makes it easy to sand cast.
7. It can be cast into virtually any shape and design.

Gatonbrass is one of the first metals casting companies that will be focusing on eco-friendly brass sand casting process. This comes at a time when it's American and European markets were keen to use only the eco-friendly brass sand cast parts. That is, all the sand cast brass parts should have an extremely low lead content. It is a requirement that it should be as low as 0.05%. In fact, there is quest to focus on alloys with 0% lead.

This will require Gatonbrass and other companies that intend to produce lead free-brass sand casting to replace lead with other elements that will guarantee: better lubricity, strength, machinability and resistance to wear. Gatonbrass is set to inaugurate a new R&D center earlier this year.

At the moment, all the available brass plumbing parts in the market do meet the WaterSense requirements. That is, the lead-free sand cast parts should contain no more than 0.25% lead by weight. All the plumbing parts that are exported to both U.S. and Europe go through a tight testing. This is to comply with tighter regulatory requirements that put more emphasis on eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

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