Eco Friendly Scooter Manufacturer Royal Play Announces the Launch of New Upcoming Model "ET Smart Scooter"


Longhua, Shenzhen -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2015 -- Rohit Bansal, The creative stalwart behind Royal Play Group recently announced the launch of their brand new, one-of -a-kind Eco-Friendly Scooter named "ET Smart Scooter". Weighing in only 16kgs, ET Smart Scooter is a big upgrade in terms of features to its predecessor which weighted approx. 30 Kgs. The scooter comes with a keyless key just like in high end cars and has a cruise control, Bluetooth speakers and a USB port for cellphone charging. The biggest and noticeable upgrade of this model is its extended range of 30-40km over its predecessor.

Popular amongst its users as a World's first high-tech portable, fold-able electric scooter, ET Scooter is made by a premium quality Aluminum body and high quality parts and is Capable of going 40KM per charge with its built in LI-Ion battery. Moreover, due to its unique patented design, this power machine can climb a 24 grade hill easily with its 250W engine.

Priced at 1390 USD, the Scooter will be launched on August 18th 2015 and is currently available for PRE-ORDER on

Et Scooter which takes only 2 hours to get fully charged, has been tested with 486kgs of weight which insures that the scooter is capable of holding any person weighing upto160kgs safely.

Rohit Bansal, the CEO and Creator behind this unique environment friendly scooter mentioned at the launch that the scooter took over 4 years to develop and it is a world's most innovative electric scooter ever made. He further added that there are no scooters out there in the market which come close to ET Scooter when it comes to the features it offers.

"The new ET Smart Scooter model has many new one of a kind features and is a big upgrade to our last model. Our last ET Scooter model weighted around 30 Kgs whereas this new innovative model weighs only 16Kgs which is a huge reduction in the scooters weight. We put a lot of time and thought in to the R&D of this new model which allowed us to reduce the weight by a considerable amount. The design, weight and balance was made possible after an intensive research and that's why we are very sure that this amazingly practical mode of transportation will provide its users the best travel experience without causing harm to the environment." said Rohit Bansal.

Even though Royal Play's new model promises great features and great durability, their previous model had some flaws in it. The old ET Scooter model was made by a cheap quality cast iron which got 3 people into small accidents. Customers reported the breaking of Seat while riding. Even Though the company paid attention to small details while manufacturing, the flaw occurred because of their old manufacturing vendor who supplied bad quality parts and reported them as good ones to the company.

Taking this seriously, RoyalPlay immediately stopped the manufacturing at its vendor place. The company has stopped outsourcing the manufacturing to other vendors and has established its own manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China to ensure that their customers get best quality scooters. Now, the company runs an in house Quality Assurance department which insures that every scooter manufactured and delivered by them is of a Premium quality and durability.

"The old model had a quality flaw which has been fixed in the new model and we apologies to our customers. We have completely stopped producing the old model and we would like to tell our customers not to buy the models available in market right now because of the quality flaw in it. We have called back all the models from the market and we will deliver the new model from August 18th 2015" Said Rohit Bansal.

For more information regarding ET Scooter and Royal play Group Limited or their upcoming future products, please contact Royal Play Group at / or you can even give a call on 00372-8149-0511.

Contact Information:
Contact Person: Mr. Rohit Bansal
Company Address: 6/F Building #4Jinhuafa Industry Zero,
Qingquan Road, Longhua Town,Shenzhen City,China
Cellphone: 00372-8149-0511