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Eco-Friendly Warehouses Seen to Save More Resources


Humble, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- Experts observed that warehouses can be more cost-efficient when eco-friendly designs are considered. According to the Caron Trust and Siemens Financial Services, partnering with Energy Efficient Financing Scheme (EEF), companies are actually spending more with their energy bills due to inefficient use of technology and processes.

The head of the Green Financing of EFF, Darren Riva, said, “Our analysis has shown that there is a huge market potential for energy savings from business investment in energy-efficient equipment, amounting to over £3.7 billion per year across the country, and more than £190 million in warehouses alone.”

This is in-line with the latest report published by the World Green Building Council entitled ‘The Business Case for Green Building.’ In the report, it was concluded that, “the green design attributes of buildings and indoor environments can improve worker productivity and occupant health and well-being, resulting in bottom-line benefits for businesses.”

In addition, the report shows, “resistance remains to incorporating it into financial decision making”, but added “while more research is needed, investing in better indoor environments can lead to better returns on one of every company’s greatest assets - its employees.”

The basics of establishing energy-efficient warehouses include using LED lights or compact fluorescent lighting ones. These are good examples of low-lighting energy while emitting sufficient lighting to the whole area. EEF says that, “by deploying efficient lamp technologies such as LEDs, CFL and energy-saving halogen lighting, savings of up to 80 percent are possible compared with traditional lamp technology.”

Other measures include installing solar panels, using the rainwater that can be used for other functions such as flushing the toilets, and reusing materials such as wood and plastic.

The proper design of racking systems has to be considered, as well. It will save more time and effort from loading and unloading materials, which would greatly benefit the employees. Furthermore, it is also good to highly regard safety procedures by regularly inspecting every structure of the racks in terms of reliability and safety.

MSS Houston, the recognized manufacturer of racking systems, have seen these factors and considered them as high-priority. MSS Houston says, “With our Design and Consult service, Material Storage Systems will work with you to determine the best design and layout for your current or proposed warehouse space. We can also advise you before you decide to lease or build a warehouse.” To know more, visit