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Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2017 -- is pleased to offer an exquisite range of wooden electronic accessories and wood holders for laptops, phones, keyboards, tablets and PCs. These electronic accessories are 100% natural and all of them are made up of eco-friendly material. These wooden accessories offer extreme functionality. The accessories related to laptops, PCs and Tablets are ergonomically designed so as to minimize neck pressure if any and provide relief from visual fatigue. For instance, the wooden stand for laptops and notebooks help users with an improved sitting and standing postures by offering additional comfort for back, neck and shoulder.

These are must haves in a study or office room and will definitely contribute to an ergonomically improved work area. The laptop or notebook stands can be used to add space to the desktop. The cork feet under every accessory protect the desk from scratches. The wooden mobile phone holders from are equally interesting. These wooden phone holders are universal which means that they can be used to hold any branded phones such as an iPhone, Galaxy Note, HTC or any smartphone. They not only look classy but offer the right functionality.

The Samdi protective cover/ shell cases for iPads and tablets are equally attractive. They are not only stylish to look at but are practical too. They protect the expensive gadgets from external elements and keep them safe from scratches as well. They offer an overall protection to the devices from dirt, fingerprints, grease, bumps, etc. The accessories are made up of high quality natural wood such as bamboo, walnut, fiber and many more. These natural materials are free of toxins, are light and durable.

The minimalistically designed wooden accessories can literally enhance the look of an office. The different variations in natural colors and wood grain make them unique accessories. All the designs are inspired by nature and are made to provide ultimate comfort to the users. Users will definitely benefit better from these wooden electronic accessories when compared to the modern accessories available in the market today.

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Shenzhen Shengdi Development Co., Ltd., based at ShenZhen, China is a company that specializes in manufacturing wood craft goods and natural green products using only natural and eco-friendly material. Some of the interesting wood crafts they offer are phone holders, ipad holders, iphone stands, headset stands, wood holders, laptop stands and many more.

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