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Eco Hip Urges Customers to Choose Bobble As Bottled Water Continues to Harm Planet

The worldwide packaging for bottled water amounts to 2.7 million tonnes of plastic every year.


Chester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2012 -- The worldwide packaging for bottled water amounts to 2.7 million tonnes of plastic every year. With growing concerns around environmental costs, Eco Hip is looking to change the way consumers across the country see so-called ‘spring water’ and hopes to change the way people drink water in the long run with the revolutionary Bobble.

Waste management has become an increasingly important issue as landfills continue to grow. The number of plastic bottles discarded as a result of bottled water is enormous and subsequently, consumers have only worsened the problem.

Bottled water companies have ignited problems with regards to the environment. The production of billions of plastic bottles has put a strain on the environment and what’s more, the energy required to manufacture these bottles has drained limited fossil fuels.

It has been suggested that consumers use and reuse their plastic bottles in an attempt to keep waste and the use of fossil fuels down to the bare minimum. Unfortunately, this compromises the quality of water as the bottle gets older.

Eco Hip presents the nation with a solution: the Bobble bottle. The Bobble is a revolution in the world of bottled water. A reusable water bottle, the Bobble filters tap water as it is drunk. Available for just £10.99 per bottle, the Bobble filter equates to at least 300 water bottles, decreasing environmental damage created by bottled water. The filter can filter the equivalent of 150 litres of water and can be replaced for a small price.

The Bobble is available for purchase at Alternatively, click here to navigate straight to the site and find out more about the Bobble. Contribute towards a greener planet and help reduce the strain on the environment with the Bobble bottle.