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Eco-Me Announces Retail Partnership With Safeway, Stocking Natural Cleaning Products

Following a rapid expansion of their business and product lines, Eco-Me today announces an exciting new partnership with Safeway – one of Nation’s most admired retail giants.


Pasadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2012 -- As more and more dominant retail grocery chains embrace the benefits of stocking natural cleaning products, demand for the natural market has never been higher. As this trend continues, Eco-Me today announces an exciting retail partnership with Safeway.

The agreement will see Safeway stock a number of natural food grade and plant-based cleaning products from the Pasadena Company, directly benefiting a growing band of customers who seek value and quality with ingredients they can trust.

Timing couldn’t be more perfect. Recent studies have revealed that products from many household-name cleaning product brands contain harmful ingredients including chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances and even sulphates and dyes which are strong skin and eye irritants.

“Recent revelations have made consumers even more concerned about the cleaning products they grew to know and trust” says Robin Levine, President of the family and pet safe Eco-Me brand.

She continues, “This is pushing people to demand 100% natural ingredients in products that won’t harm themselves or their families. We’re delighted that Safeway has listened to the people and expanded their cleaning range to include natural products.”

The statistics are bold. According to the EPA, air in homes is up to seven times more chemically polluted than outdoor air, with the average home containing more than 25 pounds of toxic cleaning products.

Too add to the concerns, The Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated that over 150 commonly-found home chemicals have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological abnormalities.

“It’s easy to see why both consumers and retail outlets are now favouring natural cleaning products like ours. They provide an instant solution to a myriad of growing problems and carry none of the risks of ‘regular’ chemicals. It’s the perfect solution” Levine adds.

For more information about Eco-Me and their range of cleaning products, please visit: http://www.eco-me.com

Their progress can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

About Eco-Me
Eco-Me products contain 100% naturally derived ingredients. Clinically tested for safety and effectiveness, Eco-Me products prove that people don’t need chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances or dyes to get a clean home.

The back-story of Eco-Me is a deeply personal one. In 2005, founder Robin Kay Levine's sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35. With no family history of the disease, or an unhealthy lifestyle contributing to the diagnosis, they looked towards environmental factors as the cause.

Armed with these facts, Robin helped her sister replace traditional cleaners with natural, eco-friendly green alternatives. For example, they discovered that vinegar, a food-grade product, reduces 96% of all bacteria. As her sister recovered, Robin realized she could help women and families take safer care of their homes...Eco-Me was born.

Today, Eco-Me consists of 13 cleaning products, with each cleaner proudly bearing the names of Eco-Me’s friends and family. Each product has a distinct cleansing “personality” based on its many uses and applications.

The company is inspired by the healthy food ingredients in their pantry like vinegar, olive oil and baking soda – going back to the basics with a modern twist!