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Eco-Supercar Prototype Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign


Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2016 -- The creator of an eco-supercar prototype have launched an IndieGoGo campaign in order to raise money for the development, design and production of this vehicle.  For many years, this has been a dream; now, with intelligent design, the eco-supercar is a possibility.  An eco-supercar prototype will embody the best of technology and design so that more supercars can eventually be produced and sold.

According to the creator, "All cars have their shortcomings, mostly due to designers telling us what we should aspire to.  I believe that we should also listen to what people want.  I need your help to getting your voice heard in a car designed by All of Us."

The idea behind the creation of this eco-supercar is to include input from others to ensure that the vehicle meets the specifications that people actually want.  The focus will be on environmental friendliness, but with additions by those who contribute to the car and its design.  This will result in a final product that will truly be created by everyone rather than a single person or group with a single vision.  This corporate vision will results in a better, strong product and a more forward-thinking automobile.

In order to create a supercar company, millions of dollars will be needed.  However, the creator has started with creating a prototype, a manageable goal that will give the impetus for possible investors who can see what the final product will look like.

The IndieGoGo campaign, located at  new eco-supercar prototype to interest possible investors.

Contact Person: Mohamed Kokar
Company: Eco-Supercar
Address: Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: 971508704030