Ecodu Ltd Launches New Products

Brings eco friendly Infant Toys at users’ fingertips


Santa Ana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- has unveiled a new range of Infant Toys that are eco friendly and a cost effective option as well.

All parents want nothing but the best for their infants and it’s particularly true for the toys that are entertaining, engaging and educational as well. However one has seen over the years that the cost of toys for babies has gone up exponentially. Considering the fact that little ones tend to get bored of their toys quite quickly, these expensive store bought options just don’t tick the right boxes for many parents. seems to have understood that, which is why it has come up with the novel idea of these Green Products. They make sense for environmentally conscious parents who want to not only get cool toys for their infants but also make the right decision for their surroundings as well. That’s where these toys created by ECODU ltd score highly.

Quite simply these toys are made using empty cans of baby formula that get chucked away. When one has infants at home, there is a high inventory of these baby formula tins so to speak. Many of these tins get wasted and it would make sense for them to be recycled and turned into toys that would be engaging for the little ones. That was the thought behind the development of Infant Toys and it has been executed well with this range of products.

The good news for parents is that they can now have toys that will not cost them a fortune. That’s mostly because parents often have the raw material for these toys in abundance. They are now being encouraged by the company to use these baby formula cans and turn them into toys, which will be fun and exciting for their little ones. What’s more, parents will be able to save huge amounts for themselves too.

Infant Learning is another objective for parents from the toys and products they buy for their little ones. If they want to educate their kids about environmentally conscious decisions, that can have a huge impact on our surroundings, then these toys are the right option for them.

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It is a company set up by parents with their own creative ideas and passion for making the world a better place for their babies.

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