ecoFINISH Offers a Variety of High-Performance Pool Finishes


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2018 -- Dedicated to high-end products and services, ecoFINISH® wins praises from its customers for its pool resurfacings and renovations. Low maintenance and incredibly durable, ecoFINISH®'s grade of renovations simply surpass the competition—resisting chips, cracks, and peeling. Paired with the company's courteous and patient customer service, their swimming pool solutions can cater to any pool owner and any project scale. Both manufacturers and installers, ecoFINISH® and its specialists offer the widest variety of high-performance pool coating solutions.

One of ecoFINISH®'s most celebrated pool coating solutions, aquaBRIGHT™ ensures customers a degree of color uniformity unique to the industry. Unlike other pool coating products that mottle or fade, resulting in large blotchy clouds along the surface of swimming pools, aquaBRIGHT™ is designed to retain and endure as the pool gradually ages. After installation, customers can have their pools filled that same day, avoiding the need for trucked water.

If pool owners want a dynamic and aquatic finish to their swimming pools, aquaBRIGHT™ lends itself to easy coloration and customization. Instead of pouring a caustic substance like muriatic acid into pools, the ecoFINISH® professionals carry out their own process, dubbed "Balance and Swim."

Conversely, the thermo-polymer coating that is polyFIBRO® caters to owners of fiberglass pools who want to circumvent the limitations of more traditional gel-coat finishes. ecoFINISH®'s product allows customers to choose from a range of colors while complying with industry standards that govern the safety of swimming pool water. Once installed, polyFIBRO® will greatly enhance the aesthetic of any fiberglass swimming pool.

Pool owners looking to recoat or renovate their high-end swimming pools should not hesitate to call ecoFINISH® at 800-704-4167.

About ecoFINISH®
ecoFINISH® is a leading, global provider of revolutionary high performance coatings that can be used in both residential and commercial swimming pools as well as industrial applications. Products include their aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO® pool finishes. ecoFINISH® has now expanded with new products into the industrial industry with ecoDUSTRIAL™ as well as the aquatic surface industry with aquaticLIFE™. Although the company's headquarters lie in Warminster, PA, they distribute their products to certified installers and organizations all over the world.

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