ecoFINISH Offers ecoDUSTRIAL Coatings with Antimicrobial BioCote for Cleaner Surfaces


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2018 -- ecoFINISH® now offers ecoDUSTRIAL™ Coatings with BioCote®. This antimicrobial additive is ideal for chemical labs, food processing plants, water treatment plants, schools, offices, and many other locations.

BioCote® is added to the ecoDUSTRIAL™ Coating's powders during the manufacturing process. This innovative technology helps to prevent the growth of microbes such as bacteria, mold, and mildew. It makes it easier to keep devices clean, reduce unwanted odors, and decrease staining and material degradation caused by microbial growth.

Microbes can live on a hard, unprotected surface for months and double their population in only 20 minutes. These organisms cannot survive, however, on a surface that is protected by BioCote®. This antimicrobial technology will reduce bacteria that can cause odors and staining by up to 86% in just 15 minutes, making the product easier to keep hygienically clean. It is vital to note, however, that this technology is no substitute for proper pool hygiene and cleaning practices.

The team at BioCote® has more than 20 years of experience working in antimicrobial technology. They are dedicated to helping businesses protect against the negative effects of unwanted microbes, and all of their additives go through a comprehensive quality control process before they are ever sold.

ecoFINISH® provides traditional and non-skid ecoDUSTRIAL™ Coatings with BioCote®. This durable, long-lasting surface will resist chipping, chalking, peeling, cracking, and harsh weather. It holds up against many common industrial chemicals, is pH neutral, and is easy to clean. Finally, this material has received an NSF-61 Potable Water Safe Certification, so it is suitable for locations where food is prepared and packaged.

To find out more about the ecoDUSTRIAL™ Coatings with BioCote® offered by ecoFINISH®, please call 1-800-704-4167.

About ecoFINISH®
ecoFINISH® is a leading, global provider of revolutionary high performance coatings that can be used in both residential and commercial swimming pools as well as industrial applications. Products include their aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO® pool finishes. ecoFINISH® has now expanded with new products into the industrial industry with ecoDUSTRIAL™ as well as the aquatic surface industry with aquaticLIFE™. Although the company's headquarters lie in Warminster, PA, they distribute their products to certified installers and organizations all over the world.

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