Ectomorph Workout Helps Skinny Guys Gain Weight and Muscle Mass


Lakeland, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2012 -- Ectomorphs typically have very thin bodies with lean muscles. They usually have a very high metabolism which makes it difficult to gain weight. Ectomorphs need to follow weight training programs geared specifically to their body type in order to increase their weight and build muscles. was developed by Wayne Griffins, an ectomorph whose goal is to provide the knowledge for ectomorphs to build their own successful program. He spent years discovering what worked best in his own quest to bulk up. The website Ectomorph Workout is for men who want to be lean and ripped but don’t know where to start amidst an overload of sometimes contradictory information.

The site’s use of high quality imagery, original content and multi-media magnifies each of the three sections that are replete with quality content. The first section, Gaining Weight, is a series of articles depicting the best ways to gain weight safely as an ectomorph. It includes what to eat, when to eat it and even recipes.

The second section, Bodybuilding, covers the fundamentals of bodybuilding for ectomorphs with a plethora of details about strength training and nutrition, along with a glossary of bodybuilding terms.

The third section, Workout Routine, has 4 easy to understand quality workouts of all levels with step-by-step examples. There is a beginner routine along with routines of 6, 8, and 9 weeks.

A drop down menu on each page provides links to lifting techniques, work out safety, supplements, and resources. Wayne’s personal blog with timely tips is also on the site, along with a section where users can ask questions. Editorial content includes specifics about how to formulate a bodybuilding routine and the purpose of negative training. The site also has detailed reviews of many muscle gain products including an anabolic cooking review and a recent visual impact muscle building review.

Serious members can join Wayne’s Inner Circle- a free program that includes 3 emails a week with advanced content like how to train correctly, eat right, rest muscles properly and occasional short reports. A readers question also gets answered in every email. The purpose of the private membership is to provide a way for very serious members to keep motivated.

“I used to weigh around 121 lbs. and could only bench a weightless bar and do 4 pull ups. After 3 years of hardcore research and experimentation, I’ve since managed to gain 54 lbs, bench 300 lbs, and do 30 pull ups in a row. I’m satisfied, and for aesthetic reasons, have no wish to get any bigger. I’m now the go-to guy for a lot of my skinny friends and I am really glad to be able to help them,” explains site creator Wayne Griffins.

About provides the necessary knowledge for all ectomorphs who are struggling with gaining muscle and weight to come up with their own ectomorph workout and diet plans. For more information visit