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Eden's Botanicals Leads the Way in Ethnobotanical Innovations for Plant Enthusiasts


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- For those passionate about horticulture there are few things more satisfying than cultivating a plant from a seed into a vibrant living thing. The enthusiasm for gardening seems to be spreading into the mainstream media, with more articles online than ever and popular TV shows centred on the topic. Eden’s Botanicals is a website stocking seeds available for all seasons, with seeds that are both easy and challenging to bring to life.

The site is an online retail outlet offering 24 hour access and a 100% satisfaction guarantee to customers, boasting the lowest available prices due to their online exclusivity. The site features a catalogue replete with product information and high quality imagery, featured products and a blog with advice and tips for gardening and plant cultivation. The online shop allows credit card and paypal payments and allows users to sign up for an account to keep track of orders and receive updates as the site continues to grow.

Some of the most popular items on the site include the San Pedro cactus, which is delivered in the form of a 12 inch cutting that will grow and grow. Requiring little to no maintenance and a warm climate, the cactus originates from South America and is a good base for grafting other, more difficult cacti to give them a fighting chance in new environments.

Another of the most popular items is the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, which comes in packs of fifty seeds, harvested from the Oahu and Kauai islands. The plant creates vines that can grow up to thirty feet in length, and have been cultivated by a master shaman of traditional Hawaiian medicine.

A spokesperson for Eden’s Botanicals explained, “We have launched the site because we have found our particular passion for unusual plant species is underrepresented online, and the online retail structure allows us to provide customers who share our passion with unprecedented access to exotic plants at incredible prices. The catalogue is always expanding as we’re just at the start of our business venture, so we’ll be looking to regularly expand the variety of seeds on offer.”

About Eden’s Botanicals
Eden’s Botanicals stock a wide variety of seeds for ethnobotanical research. Eden’s Botanicals do not have a physical store location, which allows them to keep costs down and pass the savings onto consumers. Eden’s Botanicals is exclusively an online store, and every product they carry is available online from the website. For more information, please visit: http://www.edensbotanicals.com