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Edgy Pop Music Offers Listeners Great Lyrics


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- You can call Curse & Kisses pop music. However, you’re going to find that such a term is severely limiting, in terms of what this artist is capable of musically and lyrically. Edgy pop music offers listeners great lyrics. This is something that can indeed happen with the right music. All you have to do is know where to look.

You can find that with Curse & Kisses. This is pop music that pushes a number of boundaries. Music that pushes the limit of what pop can do over multiple genres. His lyrical sense also comes from a different approach.That sounds like a artist trying to cover a lot of territory. Curse & Kisses does indeed try to cover a lot of territory.

But the best part about that fact is how brilliantly he has succeeded.

If you want to find out what edgy pop music with great lyrics is all about, then take a listen to a track such as “Blue Eyes.” This is what great songwriting is all about. At the same time, this is a song that pushes the limits of what genre mixing is truly capable of. Things start of slowly with this tune, but they very quickly build to greater and greater musical heights. By the middle of the song, you’re in full rock territory.

And yet that song never sacrifices lyrical content for what it accomplishes musically. This is a song that has clearly come from the heart and soul of what the artist truly believes. This isn't a cookie cutter musician either. He also operates as Curse & Kisses’ songwriter, singer, and producer. That means he’s the one writing the sharp, clever lyrics behind something like “Zombie.” At the same time, he is combining those lyrics with some of the most impressive displays of genre bending, genre mixing, and genre appreciation to be found anywhere.

It’s true that this is pop music. It’s also true that this is pop music that strives to also be alternative rock, funk, rock and roll, heavy metal, and even punk rock. Those are quite a few genres to blend. The fact that Curse & Kisses accomplishes great things with all of those genres is a flawless example of what true edgy pop and indie music is capable of. Download their mobile app to know what longtime fans are aware of. Curse & Kisses is on the rise!

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