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Edible Oil Co-Products and by-Products Market Looks to Demand for and Sales of Dried Soap Stock for Growth

Edible Oil Co-Products and By-Products Market - Middle East Industry Analysis, Forecast 2016 – 2024


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2017 -- Dried soap stock adds nutrient value as feed improves pelletizing and provides flexibility in utilization and processing. It is often treated with a strong mineral acid and is converted into a crude mixture of fatty acids, known as acidified soap stock. This mixture is widely used as a calorific component in animal feed. However, factors such as increasing feed prices, food shortages, and shrinking water resources are likely to hinder the growth of the dried soap stock market in KSA. In addition, pure acid oil is cheap and acts as a good source of biodiesel. Both palmitic and stearic acids add hardness to soaps and is widely available in Saudi Arabia. The market for both the acids is expected to develop further in the future. Moreover, increasing concern towards prevention of various diseases coupled with low price of dried soap stock is likely to fuel the growth of this market in Saudi Arabia during the forecast period.

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Due to increasing environmental concern, there is huge demand for eco-friendly, biodegradable products with natural ingredients. Thus, dried soap stock is likely to find extensive application in soaps and detergents. In addition, Consumers have strong hygiene habits and are focused on preventing the spread of virus and bacteria. Thus, there is huge demand for soaps and detergents in Saudi Arabia, which in turn is likely to accelerate the growth of the dried soap stock market. Furthermore, The market for soaps and detergents in Iran represents an enormous and developing market in the Middle East. The strength of the dried soap stock industry is demonstrated by strong growth in the production of surfactants, household detergents and other raw materials in recent years. Moreover, factors such as increased competition in the private sector, consumer demand, and favorable government policies have resulted in introduction of new products with significant improvements in quality and performance.

Further, stearic acid acts as an emulsifying and thickening agent, when used in cosmetics. With increasing middle class population in Egypt, the demand for personal care products is rising. Thus the market for stearic acid is likely to grow in Egypt during the forecast period. In addition, demand for mixed soft oil fatty acid distillate is the expected to drive the fatty acid distillates market in Egypt during the forecast period. The animal feed industry is a vital resource in Sudan. Dried soap stock is widely incorporated in animal feeds and poultry nutrition, as an effective energy source. Moreover, there are large number of soap manufacturing industries in Sudan, which use various edible oil by-products as a cost-effective alternative for the production of bio-degradable soap with natural ingredients. Palmitic acid contributes stable creamy lather to soaps. Moreover, it is also used for personal care products and intermediate chemicals. Thus, the market for palmitic acid in Sudan is anticipated to develop during the forecast period. Additionally, the demand for fatty acid distillates in Sudan is primarily driven by the agricultural end use such as fertilizer (covered under other end use segment) and animal feed. Additionally Egypt has seen significant rise in the price of raw feed materials. Hence, there is huge demand for dried soap stock as an alternative and cheap source of energy in poultry diets, in order to achieve proper efficiency of utilization and economic effectiveness of production. The animal feed industry in Egypt has been experiencing many challenges such as poultry diseases, high feed prices, and increasing imports. Thus, the government of Egypt is extensively imposing new measures and regulations in order to develop the productivity of the poultry sector. Moreover, Use of soap stock in soap manufacturing has an economical effect since it reduces the expense of raw material. Moreover, it is available at an affordable price and is widely used for production of biodegradable soap

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The Asia Pacific and Latin America sugar confectionery market can be segmented as follows;-

Middle East Edible Oil Co- Product and By Products Market, by Product Type
Dried Soap Stock
Hard Oil Fatty Acid Distillate
Pure Soft Oil Fatty Acid Distillate
Mixed Soft Oil Fatty Acid Distillate
Pure Acid Oil
Palmitic Acid
Stearic Acid
Earth Distillate

Middle East Edible Oil Co- Product and By Products Market, by End Use
Animal Feed
Soaps and Detergent
Personal Care Products
Intermediate Chemical

Middle East Edible Oil Co- Product and By Products Market, by Geography
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia