Thomas Campana

Edison/Piscataway NJ Chiropractor Is Shining a Laser Light of Pain Relief This Winter Season

New Jersey can become a real winter wonderland this time of year but unfortunately back and musculoskeletal pain can throw a snowball at our plans. Luckily, Dr. Thomas Campana a noted Edison/Piscataway chiropractor can melt away that pain with the healing light of laser therapy.


Piscataway, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2016 -- When it comes to treating musculoskeletal pain, Dr. Thomas Campana a well respected chiropractor located in Edison/Piscataway NJ is not only focused on helping his patients ease their suffering he is literally laser focused. Moreover, Dr. Campana employs some space age technology in his patient's treatments.

In fact, Dr. Thomas Campana who is an exceptionally knowledgeable chiropractor has treated countless musculoskeletal pain patients not only with compassion but with a grasp of the science and bio-mechanics that contributes to their suffering. Through years of relentless study, continuing education and training he has amassed over 30 years of know-how and he has employed his talents to help treat a wide range of pain patients.

And now that we're in the winter season, all those musculoskeletal aches and pains we experience especially from snow shoveling to trekking through icy conditions can put a chilly kink in our plans. But luckily, Dr. Campana utilizes some pretty dynamic and cutting edge chiropractic treatments to help thaw that icy grip of pain from his patients.

"When patients come to my office with a whole host of musculoskeletal conditions especially during the winter months...they're in a lot of pain and they want relief as quickly as possible," says Dr. Campana. "In our office our goal is to employ the most effective and modern chiropractic techniques and modalities to help accomplish this."

With this in mind, Dr. Campana offers a whole array of modern chiropractic treatments, including some space age equipment called cold laser treatments.

According to Dr. Campana, laser light is concentrated light of a single wavelength and is monochromatic. Furthermore, the light waves are in one direction and are all in phase. On the other hand, regular white light is scattered in multiple directions and composed of multiple wavelengths.

"Cold laser therapy is essentially a low powered laser that studies have shown to be quite effective on our body's tissues especially for pain relief," says Dr. Campana. "And when this laser light enters the cells of our bodies, it creates a photochemical reaction that can have very positive physiological effects which can be useful in treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal pains and injuries quickly and effectively."

Furthermore, it seems that Dr. Campana's patients have benefited from his laser treatments.

"My patients have found that cold laser therapy has a beneficial effect on a lot of musculoskeletal conditions including those of the shoulder, back, neck and knee just to name a few," says Dr. Campana.

Moreover, Dr. Campana combines cold laser laser therapy with other therapeutic modalities along with some of the most modern manual manipulation techniques of the spine, extremities and soft tissues to offer his patients innovative relief for their pain conditions.

So if one is looking for laser sharp, compassionate and cutting edge chiropractic treatments for their musculoskeletal pain conditions, there is an Edison/Piscataway NJ chiropractor who can help and has been helping people get well for over thirty winter seasons and his name is Dr. Thomas Campana.

About Dr. Thomas Campana
Dr. Thomas Campana's chiropractic office ( is located at 690 Stelton Road Piscataway, NJ 08854. He is certified and listed in the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, a member of the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists, The American Chiropractic Association, Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research and the New Jersey Chiropractic Counsel. Dr. Campana excepts most major health insurance including NJ No-Fault Ins. and can be reached at 732-424-1717.