Editing Brain! a Real Possibility Says Brainwave Research Centre

Brainwave Research Centre Is Pleased to Announce That It Is Offering a New State of the Art Technique to Help Individuals Achieve Their Personal Development Goals


Kathmandu, Nepal -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- Brainwave Research Centre is proud to announce the development of a new technique. This technique can be used to alter the mind's thinking so that the individual who receives treatment can achieve a personal development goal such as to build confidence, lose weight or stop smoking. The technique uses music that is a type of beat called an Access beat. Individuals that undergo brainwave therapy treatment will listen to 5 minutes of music that contains this beat, followed by a series of binaural beats that were developed by our center. There generally are several subliminal messages included that will help the individual achieve their personal development goals. This type of technique is safe and will help individuals achieve their goals quicker than if they try to achieve them on their own.

Brainwave Research Centre uses many different techniques to help individuals overcomes obstacles, obsessions and fears in their life. They only use proven techniques that will ensure that their clients have the best outcomes possible. All of their staff is highly qualified and they are dedicated to research that will benefit those in the community.

About Brainwave Research Centre
A senior development expert who possesses various experiences in research development and project management is managing the Brainwave Research Centre. He has a group of hypnotherapist, dentist and doctors who are competent to support BRC in its cause.

BRC is now collaborating with other organizations to raise funds by soliciting financial support from donors so the organisation could implement its plans of helping the mentally disabled people of Nepal.

Media Contact:
Dr Subodh Nepal
Brainwave Research Centre
Kathmandu, Nepal