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eDiva.com Launches New Chic eDiva Beauty Organizer Line


British Columbia, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2012 -- eDiva.com has just announced the launch of their new eDiva™ beauty organizer line. Already receiving rave reviews, the new eDiva beauty organizers allow people to quickly store and consolidate makeup and jewelry. Made from thick clear acrylic and featuring stylish rounded edges, the cosmetic organizer line features two distinctive and attractive models, the eDiva™ Duchess and the eDiva™ Princess.

According to eDiva.com, the average woman spends an average of $164,000 over her lifetime on makeup. Between cosmetic lotion, lip gloss, foundation, eye shadow and more, that is a lot of products. And yet, it can be very difficult to find a makeup storage system that provides easy accessibility, longevity and a clean appearance.

The new eDiva makeup organizer line is a revolution in the beauty industry, providing people with a number of benefits other organizers simply cannot. The chic makeup storage line’s innovative and sleek clear design allows people find their makeup instantly, saving them time and frustration, and fits easily in nearly any bathroom.

Aaron Samsonoff, eDiva President, says, "Finally... women can organize their makeup with class. Imagine the face of your boyfriend or husband when you walk out of the bathroom, ready to go, before they are! The eDiva™ beauty organizer is the most stylish new way to keep your beauty products and jewelry organized, so you can do your makeup without fumbling through piles of bottles, brushes and jars just to find what you’re looking for.”

eDiva.com provides a list of 5 reasons eDiva is better than any other beauty organizer currently on the market. eDiva makeup organizers allow people to further showcase their style and become a local trendsetter with their good sensibility and high level of organization skills. In fact, celebrities, including the Kardashians, also use these kinds of beauty organizers. Additionally, made from the highest-grade acrylic available, the cosmetic storage systems look beautiful and are nearly indestructible. The eDiva beauty organizers also offer a large amount of space, with the Duchess providing 5 drawers with 1,200 cubic inches of space and the Princess providing 6 drawers with 2,304 cubic inches of space. Finally, the eDiva beauty organizer is guaranteed for one full year. If for any reason, a buyer is not satisfied with their eDiva purchase, they can return it for a full refund within the first year.

For more information about the new eDiva beauty organizers, visit http://www.ediva.com/

About eDiva™
eDiva.com has recently launched a new line of eDiva™ beauty organizers suitable for a wide variety of storage purposes. Available in two distinctive models, the Duchess and the Princess, the beauty organizers provide people with the ultimate makeup and jewelry storage systems. Crafted from the highest-grade clear acrylic, the beauty organizers are durable, sleek and easy to clean.