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Edmond Chiropractor Uses Latest Cold Laser Therapy as Treatment for Patients


Edmond, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- Dr. Cornwell is a trusted  Edmond, OK chiropractor  and uses a unique treatment to help patients heal from ailments without the need for surgery. This type of treatment is called cold laser therapy and it works exceptionally well.

Cold laser therapy has become more popular over the last few years. Cold laser therapy is also known as laser biostimulation and/or low-level laser therapy. Lasers produce radiation in near visible or visible wavelengths. Lasers used for cold therapy range anywhere from 5 to 500 milliwatts. Treatment lasers higher than 500 milliwatts are typically used for surgeries because they can burn the skin.

Cold therapy lasers come in a variety of strengths and different colors. These differences depict which treatment options are conducted. Cold laser therapy with a green light is oftentimes used to heal surface wounds such as diabetic ulcers. This is because the light is absorbed by the skin and blood quickly. A red light for cold laser therapy is typically used for acne, burns, and hair restoration. The red light also penetrates the skin and blood quickly. Finally, infrared cold laser therapy lights are used to heal bone, muscle, and ligaments because they penetrate the skin much deeper. These cold therapy lasers can be combined in order to provide a variety of techniques.

There are three broad categories for which cold laser therapy treatments are used. These include pain and inflammation reduction and tissue repair. The lasers increase beta-endorphins, which decrease pain. They reduce inflammation by decreasing the amount of anti-inflammatory agents in the injury site. This is most effective shortly after an acute injury. Finally, to repair tissue, the cold therapy laser treatments accelerate the production of adeno-triphosphate, which increases the chance of tissue repair.

Cold laser therapy is painless, safe, and is considered “cold” because it does not change any temperatures inside the body. Currently, there are no known adverse side effects as a result to cold laser therapy. However, it is important to consult with the doctor and conduct research to determine the procedure to be preformed has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This non-medical procedure is a safe and alternative way to heal from a variety of injury types without having to take medications.

Dr. Cornwell offers cold laser therapy at his chiropractic clinic in Edmond, OK. It’s an effective and affordable way to treat injuries, joint pain, arthritis and other muscle, bone or ligament ailments. Dr. Cornwell is one of the few chiropractors that offer  cold laser therapy in Oklahoma City .

About Dr. Rondall Cornwell
Dr. Rondall Cornwell is a licensed chiropractor in Edmond, OK, serving the Oklahoma City metro. He combines his expertise with specialized treatment for every patient. Whether it’s a simple adjustment or cold laser therapy, Dr. Cornwell can relieve any body. With the latest treatments and approaches, Dr. Cornwell and his staff bring life to everyone who walks through the door.

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