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Edric the Hatchling Gryphon: Bold New Children's Book Fuses Fantastical Discovery with Vital Lessons of Good Character

Masterfully crafted by Dr. Eric Williams, ‘Edric the Hatchling Gryphon’ uses its edge-of-the-seat narrative to instill positive traits into its young readers. While of course wanting to help shape tomorrow’s societal leaders, Williams also wrote the book as a legacy for his own eight wonderful children…


New Baden, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2014 -- While children’s books are a timeless staple of any upbringing, most achieve nothing more than giving readers a quick literary thrill. In an admirable attempt to leave a life-long impression on his young readers, author Dr. Eric Williams melds his new book’s adventurous narrative with a series of important life lessons.

‘Edric the Hatchling Gryphon’ satisfies each child’s thirst for discovery; allowing them to join two friends as they discover an egg that will thrust them into a world that nobody could have imagined.


Aerek, a woodsman and former soldier, comes across a beautiful yet strange looking stone while hiking deep in his mountain woods.He shares his discovery with his friend Beecie, and together they find the surprise of their lives.

This is not a stone at all! It is the egg of a mysterious creature called a Gryphon. This is the story of their adventures with a hatchling Gryphon named Edric.

You are invited to share their adventures and meet trolls, wolves and Arimaspian Cyclops. Come join the adventure!

“I wrote this book for all children in the world, but especially my eight kids,” explains Williams. “It’s a legacy that I hope will help shape them into courteous, successful and ultimately happy people. The narrative embodies the traits of my siblings while positively portraying the character attributes I wish to instill in my own children. Their personalities shine through Edric and I hope others can use the story to their own benefit.”

Continuing, “The series will have at least three volumes, and the next will focus on each person’s individual character traits and development. In my opinion, there should be a copy of this book in every home and school; it offers so much more than just a story.”

Early reviews have been extremely positive. For example, Dr. Shirley Crenshaw comments, “Having read Edric the Hatching Gryphon, I find it to be a delightful tale full of adventure with fascinating characters and an engrossing plot that highlights caring relationships, loyal camaraderie, and courageous actions to overcome threatening challenges. Although it is designed for young readers, I think it is it is appropriate for readers of all ages. I believe that they will look forward to the continuing story in future sequels.”

With the book’s demand increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Edric the Hatchling Gryphon’, published by FriesenPress, is available now: http://amzn.to/1vsam8J.

About Dr. Eric Williams
Dr. Eric Williams is a Minister, College Professor, and Daddy to eight wonderful children. He lives with his wife, Dr. Carol Williams in a small town in Southern Illinois. Dr. Williams earned his Doctorate of Ministry through Andersonville Theological Seminary. He currently teaches Ethics and Philosophy at Kaskaskia College in Centralia, Illinois.The story of Edric is inspired by the antics of his children and the relationships within his family. You will find his siblings represented in the characters that accompany his heroes, and his children reflected in the spontaneous antics of the Hero Edric.