Educational Consultant Offers a Different Approach to Helping Teachers


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- Mention the words, “Teacher Workshop” around most teachers and they immediately cringe as they think about more lesson plans, differentiated instruction and student accountability.

“Too often the most important thing to do to help teachers is make them excited about teaching so their students will be excited about learning,” said Susie Gold with Motivated Proformance Inc.

Teachers trying to reach the current generation of students are not realizing that their methods learned in college and university training is not helping this generation of students learn to their full potential.

“This current generation, the Millennials, have more technology at their fingertips than many teachers have had their entire lives. This technological dependence must be understood beyond a simple text message to help teachers become better at their work,” said Gold.

Motivated Proformance co-founder, Bryan Fiese, offers workshops across the country helping teachers bridge the communication gap between today’s students and yesterday’s teachers. His flagship program and name of his book is No Teacher Left Behind and is in three distinct and helpful parts. A fourth part is aimed for administrators.

A major component of Fiese’s program is moving from ‘motivation via intimidation’.

“Scaring today’s students is not as effective as it was 20 years ago, students today need to be empowered, and Bryan’s program is designed to teach teachers how to motivate students and themselves for that matter,” said Gold.

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