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Educational Kickstarter Projects to Fund the Launch of the Fun and Innovative Yo-P-Yots Product Line


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- The Yo-P-Yots are coming, announced Bill Ortiz, creator of the enjoyable and educational product line of characters. One of the goals of these inspirational pals is to help children work through life’s challenges. As an article that accompanies the educational Kickstarter projects fundraiser notes, Yo-P-Yot.com features photos of several of these characters, who some refer to as “encouragers.”

“Created for children up to fourth or fifth grade, the five Yo-P-Yot characters— Sunshine, Duke, Duchess, JD and Lily— are inspirational, educational and fun,” Ortiz said. “They provide positive examples of hope and love for children.”

Ortiz brought the Yo-P-Yots to various school principals, teachers and parents, asking to read to the students—and he got an excited response from those that he asked.

“There aren’t any books or animals or programs out there that are positive inspiration for children, and that’s something they also need in their lives, beyond hearing the positive messages at home, in their schools and other places,” said school principal Mike Rhodes, one of the principals that Ortiz approached while developing the Yo-P-Yots characters.

The idea came to Ortiz in a dream, he said. Over the years, he’s developed the characters and storylines, along with the positive messages that these characters spread to children. When children need encouragement and confidence, these characters appear and help them, and only the children can see the Yo-P-Yots.

To finance the launch of multiple Yo-P-Yot-branded product lines, including books, toys and apparel, Ortiz has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise approximately $75,000.

Donors won’t just walk away with the satisfaction that comes with helping an individual achieve their dreams. No, there’s something tangible that comes along with this good deed. At varying donation levels, there are a variety of items that donors will receive. For example, at $25, donors get a free book; at $50 a toy and a free book. At $75, donors receive a toy and a copy of a Yo-P-Yots book signed by Ortiz.

Ortiz hopes to create an interactive web site, and also spread the concept overseas while creating a children’s book and toys and merchandise product line. Eventually, the Yo-P-Yot Corporation plans to create the Yo-P-Yot Foundation to help support children’s related charitable causes.

About Yo-P-Yots
The Yo-P-Yots are inspirational pals that are super fun for children. They provide children with a tool to help gain confidence and help build character. The Yo-P-Yot Corporation will introduce a series of books and toys and merchandise for children from pre-school to fifth grade. The Yo-P-Yots will engage with a child's mind to guide, direct and explain life's everyday happenings. This is a brand new children's concept to hit the market soon. For more information, see https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/33334057/the-yo-p-yots