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Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- is an interactive learning platform that offers online tutoring to students for a variety of subjects at cost effective rates. Finding certified online math tutors and getting personalized homework help is often issue for students who want to excel at their studies and pave a rewarding career path for themselves. At times where getting professional assistance from trained teachers and experienced tutors is difficult, EDU Niche has emerged as a reliable online platform for online statistics tutoring and math homework help at affordable rates.

Emphasizing on the distinguishing features of the website especially for online statistics tutoring and specialized help for math subjects, the representative for highlighted some key factors. “Math, statistics and calculus are subjects that a lot of students find difficult to grasp”, he said. “If the basic concepts are blurry, it becomes more and more difficult to get on to advanced courses and pursue the subject professionally. We understand that for students who want to get into professional institutes for business, accounting and engineering, studying from a professional and capable teacher is really important. And that’s why on our website, we have only the best online math tutors who are certified for teaching elementary concepts as well as advanced trigonometry, geometry and statistics with a personalized and engaging approach.”

EDU Niche offers tutoring help for students from kindergarten to high school and college level students as well. With its interactive features and ease of use, EDU Niche can also facilitate schools, libraries and educational institutes in providing students some extra guidance online.

EDU Niche offers interactive classes for all math and science subjects online and each tutor at EDU Niche is available 24/7 for personalized attention and specialized project and homework help. This point was further discussed by the company representative who said, “Our website aims to provide nothing less than the very best for students. We only hire experienced and trained experts for online math and online statistics tutoring, and all our tutors have to pass a rigorous certification test before they start working with us. Thus, students of elementary, high school and even college level can take advantage of our homework help and online tutoring services with complete confidence that they are learning from the very best!”

EDU Niche is a one-stop online resource for student seeking homework help or looking for advanced learning classes in Math, Statistics, Science, English, computer or business subjects. All the tutors at EDU Niche pass a rigorous certification test prior to teaching so they are proficient and capable enough to assist students of every caliber. The interactive classroom environment and live chat sessions are bonus features of the website that can help students find quick answers to their queries online and ace through any upcoming tests, exams or projects. Thus, for students who want to enhance their knowledge and improve their academic performance, is a good choice.

About EDU Niche is a comprehensive learning resource for finding expert tutors online for an array of subjects including science, business, language, math and computer. Certified tutors at EDU Niche have helped hundreds of students complete homework assignments, get assistance on projects, prepare for tests and exams and excel in their respective fields. The intuitive and interactive learning process at EDU Niche makes taking lessons fun and easy. EDU Niche is a trusted online tuition platform for elementary, high school level and college students and all the tutors at are professionally certified for teaching their respective subjects.

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