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Why Director Edward Bass Considers Sir Alfred Hitchcock as a Legendary Filmmaker


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2014 -- Edward Bass, a renowned name in Hollywood is a filmmaker, producer, writer and director whose films have been accepted into major film festivals. He has gained many accolades for his projects and is a Golden Globe Nominee. Edward had independently financed five pictures in a span of just two short years. This huge amount of success was not too easy for him. Despite his painful experiences in the past, he has managed to create an extraordinary place for himself in the industry purely with his creativity and passion for work. Edward has had immense opportunities to work with a variety of directors in all these years in the industry.

However, Edward finds Sir Alfred Hitchcock to be one of the most legendary filmmakers in the history of filmmaking. Through his exclusive interview he shares with his fans who influences him and his philosophy for screen writing. Sir Alfred Hitchcock is recognized as a man who revolutionized the suspense-thriller genre. He contributed and changed the shape of modern international cinema with his work. Edward Bass looks up to Alfred Hitchcocks as an example of a filmmaker who understood both how to prepare the script perfectly and how to present the material in a powerful emotional manner. He believes strongly that a movie is not just about stars but about the art and the craft. It is all about increasing the viewer’s involvement in the movie.

Edward Bass understands the various aspects of filmmaking and does not underestimate any of them. Edward is the sole director of his institute where he teaches his students various aspects of filmmaking with great perfection. Students get to learn about his filmmaking ideas and his film producing experiences thereby helping them become excellent filmmakers in future. Edward Bass’s is well known for his critically acclaimed films such as “Come Early Morning”, “Bobby” and many others. His upcoming projects include “Charles Ponzi” and he is making his directorial debut with “Belle /funness”, a true story of a female serial killer, Belle Gunnes.

To watch the video on YouTube visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ8Qb7Kx-gk&index=3&list=UUTHN7dOkgHmKNumUiaz3zxg

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Edward Bass, renowned Producer, Director, Writer and Financer in Hollywood is also a Golden Globe Nominated Film Producer. Edward has worked alongside producers such as Sir Anthony Hopkins, Kevin Spacey, Stanley Kramer, James Franco and Guillermo Del Toro.

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