Edwardsville Personal Trainer Hosts Most Successful Charity Boot Camp Yet


Wood River, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- On January 19th, Roger Ernst II, owner of Edwardsville's Performance Fitness, hosted his most successful Charity Boot Camp to date. On average, Performance Fitness raises around $1,300 while averaging 70+ participants in the workout. Nearly tripling the average raised, Ernst, one of Edwardsville’s top personal trainers, raised $3,060! Not only did the funds that were raised exceed the goal of Performance Fitness, but the number of participants also skyrocketed to 95.

The boot camp workout itself included various aerobic, bodyweight, core, and strength training activities. Many of the exercises were examples of what Ernst uses in his high intensity boot camp workouts and personal training sessions. The exercises ranged from push-ups, to planks, to lunges, to burpees. All ages and fitness levels came out to endure the tough workout for a great cause. What got the participants through the workout was the fact that they were helping out a family in need and the encouragement of Edwardsville personal trainer and boot camp instructor, Roger Ernst.

The Charity Boot Camp was held for the family of Christopher Shaw. Christopher Shaw, age 19, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Ernst’s most successful charity event could not have happened for a better cause or family. The Shaw family was extremely grateful for Roger’s enthusiasm and dedication for the event and provided a heartfelt speech at the end of the event.

Attendance prizes ranging from t-shirts and hats to gift certificates and protein powder were also given to participants at the end of the event. Edwardsville personal trainer and boot camp instructor, Ernst, was thrilled with the results of the charity workout.

Performance Fitness Boot Camp is open to all ages, fitness levels, and fitness goals. Ernst’s experience includes working with individual clients, small and large groups, and sport teams (including college athletes). Whether someone is looking to lose weight, or train for a sporting event or race, such as a Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, or 5K, Performance Fitness in Edwardsville is the personal training gym to go with. With a wide variety of exercises, equipment, and training methods, to keep everyone on their toes, participants at Performance Fitness will never get bored. Fifty minute workouts often seem like a half hour. With the fitness knowledge and experience of the Edwardsville's personal trainers at Performance Fitness, any exercise and workout can be modified to meet a participant’s needs. Everyone is guaranteed to be pushed to the next level so that they will see the maximum amount of results in the shortest amount of time.

About Performance Fitness
Performance Fitness is strength and conditioning gym that combines unconventional training methods, workouts, and equipment in order to help our clients take their fitness, athleticism, performance, and appearance to the next level.

The Performance Fitness workout program combines a dynamic warm-up, flexibility, strength training, cardio, conditioning, and core work into a hybrid total body workout that is safe and effective.

Performance Fitness is also a very tight knit community, where clients push each other to work harder during the workouts, have fun, become friends, and spend time with each other outside of the gym.

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Roger Ernst II, CSCS
Edwardsville, IL