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Edwin L. Guyer Offers Advice to Those Who Think They Have Been Wrongfully Charged with a DUI


Blue Bell, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2016 -- The Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer are urging drivers to remember that DUI offenses cannot be taken lightly, and should one occur to someone, they need to approach their charges with the utmost seriousness. One way they can do so is by seeking the council of an experienced attorney, and Edwin L. Guyer is a seasoned DUI lawyer serving Upper Gwynedd, PA.

With winter underway, road conditions are at their most hazardous this time of year, and impaired persons using them will only further intensify the danger for everyone on the roadways. Edwin L. Guyer's firm is reminding folks that in the unfortunate event of a DUI conviction, serious consequences could take effect. Repercussions could include probation, hefty fines and jail time.

The Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer are also reminding drivers who face DUI charges that there can be many discrepancies in the process, and wrongful convictions are not unheard of. The DUI lawyer serving Whitemarsh has twenty-five years of experience in Montgomery County, and his firm works closely with prosecutors there. They are noting that DUI convictions could affect offenders for their entire lives, and individuals should seek the counsel of an experienced professional if charges occur.

For drivers who think they have been wrongfully charged with a DUI, the Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer offer advice to help clear up some of the facts. For one, breathalyzers are not a fully accurate test. They are based on average body builds, and could easily test falsely when administered upon someone of a stature that falls outside of those measurements. Furthermore, other substances that are not intoxicating could cause false positives to register.

Arguing a DUI case is tedious, and requires a certain expertise that the general public does not have experience in dealing with. The Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer have practiced within this challenging system since 1975 and include a team of experienced attorneys who will do their best to help expose the truth when someone has been charged with a DUI wrongfully. Those who are interested in fighting a wrongful charge can contact the Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer via their website, or call 215-542-9333 for a complimentary consultation.

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