Edwin L. Guyer, One of the Most Experienced Attorney Offers Help in DUI Charge's


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Edwin L. Guyer, the principal of ‘The Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer,’ one of the most experienced attorneys in Montgomery County with several successful pleadings provides essential legal services for those who are caught doing drunk driving. He and his law firm holds the reputation for helping people with driving related charges like DUI, underage drinking, traffic violations, etc. amongst others.

His firm, with its skilled, aggressive and experienced DUI lawyers in Montgomeryville, ensures to present a strong case for their clients and protect them from any arrest or driving license impounding. Edwin L. Guyer is now helping people retain their driver’s license and avoid charges after being arrested with DUI in PA.

A spokesperson from the firm claims, “Attorney Edwin L. Guyer is among the only specialized attorney in Montgomery County who has focused exclusively on DUI and criminal cases, with special attention paid to helping protect his client's licenses, finances, and freedom. If you have been charged with DUI or any other criminal offense, you can contact us for a free consultation about your charges, and know how we can help you keep your driver’s license and protect your future.”

“A DUI offense should not be taken carelessly as it brings one into probation, steep fines and even jail”, he added further.

Mr. Guyer, a well-known DUI lawyer in Ambler also assists people with their record ‘Expungement.’ With his many years of experience in the courts, attorney Guyer has always taken a moral stand to help people get a fresh start from their criminal conviction record. The process followed by the attorney and his firm helps clear one’s criminal record under special circumstances.

About The Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer
At the DUI and criminal defense law office of Edwin L. Guyer, Attorney at Law, he has earned a reputation throughout eastern Pennsylvania for providing the aggressive, experienced representation one needs when he is facing the tough challenge of losing his driver's license or being convicted of a crime. Their goal is to help a person get the best possible outcome for his case, and they focus on helping people keep their private or commercial driver's license. To protect privileges and future contact the ‘Expungement’ expert in Pennsylvania law office of Edwin L. Guyer, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation.

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