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Edwin L. Guyer Represents Clients Dealing with Traffic Violations


Blue Bell, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2017 -- Edwin L. Guyer is known throughout Pennsylvania for helping his clients retain their drivers' licenses when they've been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or underage drinking.

With more than 30 years of experience in criminal law, this law firm utilizes an aggressive approach. Anyone seeking record expungement in Pennsylvania is encouraged to contact this DUI lawyer serving Skippack, PA as soon as possible.

Another area that Edwin L. Guyer can offer assistance with is traffic violations. A majority of people fail to realize the severity of the consequences for speeding. Just one ticket past the limit can lead to a lost license. When it comes to reckless driving tickets, it can lead to being without a license for as many as six months. The team at the Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer is always ready to aid anyone with a traffic violation.

For most jobs, it is almost necessary to have a license if only just to get to and from the job's location. Edwin L. Guyer assists his clients in retaining theirs after they get tickets for violations such as speeding or reckless driving. This law firm is well aware of how the police system works.

Regarding traffic violations, Edwin L. Guyer can tackle cases involving violations like speeding, reckless driving, fleeing an officer, hit and run, as well as DUI/DWI. Not only that, but they can also handle record expungement, drug charges, fraud, theft, burglary and underage drinking. However, Edwin L. Guyer only does expungements in Montgomery, Delaware, Chester and Bucks Counties.

Anyone searching for record expungement in PA is encouraged to contact this DUI lawyer serving Montgomery County. Reach Edwin L. Guyer by calling 484-842-0296 or visiting

About Edwin L. Guyer
For over 30 years, Edwin L. Guyer has been establishing himself with a reputation to help drivers keep their licenses. He has been guarding the potential for their future after being charged with a DUI, underage drinking, or any other criminal offense in Pennsylvania. Since 1975, the Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer have become confident in their aggressive and skillful approach to insure the futures of those charged, so that they may turn over a new leaf.