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Blue Bell, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2016 -- While he is mostly known as a respected DUI Lawyer who represents Conshohocken area citizens, Edwin L. Guyer is also an expert in white collar criminal and fraud defense. According to Guyer, police forces are becoming more and more sophisticated in their surveillance tactics as the age of technology continues to advance. Relevant charges are becoming increasingly more difficult to understand.

Guyer is urging those involved in white collar crime charges to seek his expert counsel. As a lawyer who has represented cases as such since 1975, his experience is largely unmatched. Guyer spent a number of years as a prosecutor before moving into criminal defense law, and built a strong knowledge of how prosecution functions during that time. He also built a strong rapport with other prosecutors, and can work closely with them.

In the eyes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the word fraud is vague. It involves a plethora of instances, and is relatively difficult for everyday people, who do not specialize in the laws as they pertain to fraud, to wrap their heads around. Residents of Pennsylvania who have been charged with fraud are best off allowing an expert to interpret the charges as they relate to them specifically. Not only is Edwin L. Guyer a prominent DUI lawyer serving Whitemarsh, but he also has the skills to represent those dealing with fraud charges.

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The Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer have been assisting the public in DUI defense, along with a vast array of other criminal charges for over 30 years. He is comfortable in the courtroom and, as a former prosecutor, understands what is necessary for a successful criminal defense.

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