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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2014 -- Photographing a wedding in New York is as much about understanding spaces as it is about understanding people. The city is a melting pot of different cultures and each location has its own story and sensibilities. That is why when it comes to New York Wedding Photography, one would do well to entrust the responsibility to Edwin Ochoa, a true blue New Yorker and one of the best wedding photographers in the city.

Through his years of experience in shooting a varied clientele of couples and families ranging from the private and extremely personal weddings to the traditional and classic weddings with relatives and friends from around the globe, Edwin Ochoa has mastered the art of capturing the moment and freezing it in time. He goes the extra mile to ensure that the bride and groom are not disturbed by his presence and lives the moment fully. Yet, he manages to capture the exact mood and emotion of the couple and the guests assembled. Where his method stands out is that he shoots not as an outsider, but as a member of the family. And this ability gives him the leeway to re-enact some moments and add some drama and fun to the whole experience, so that the outcome is not just a brilliant collage of unforgettable memories, but so much more!

New York is a place of constant flux, where people, their sensibilities, tastes, preferences and artistic requirements all change constantly. But thanks to Edwin Ochoa’s dedication to his craft, and the fact that he understands New York and its denizens only as a New Yorker can, he is often a few steps ahead of the times.

To put it simply, if one is looking for a highly sought after professional who specializes in New York Wedding Photography, then Edwin Ochoa is the man to call. His passion for his craft, his innate empathy that allows him to stay on the uptake of the emotion and his exposure to his field that only a city like New York can provide, all go into making him the obvious choice.

About Edwin Ochoa
Edwin Ochoa is a New York Wedding Photographer. He has been in the business for a number of years and sports a repertoire of genuinely brilliant work across a wide variety of weddings and clients.

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