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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2014 -- 'Playful, joyous, mischievous, unforgettable.' If one were to give a visual example of a wedding that fits the above adjectives, then one only needs to sift through Edwin Ochoa's body of work. Here is a description of one of Edwin’s wedding photographs;

‘The bride is held by the groom in a passionate joyous kiss of celebration. Three young, beautiful bridesmaids in red satin dresses stand behind the couple. Two seven year old bridesmaids (one with two of her front teeth missing) in light pink gowns and fuchsia sashes stand in front of them and two best men to their right; All of them smiling, with their palms closed over their eyes.’

This is what makes Edwin Ochoa Photography the best wedding photographer in New York.

Photographing a wedding is an art in itself. It involves capturing some moments exactly as they are and right as they unfold; waiting for just the right expression, from just the right person. It also involves heightening, enhancing and adding on the emotion or set of feelings that are most keenly felt during the event. This is an important aspect of wedding photography because in the end, photographs of the celebration in chronological order alone are not enough to evoke the feeling of 'being there'. What the viewer or a guest who was present at the wedding will remember is the feeling of joy and exuberance that one felt during the moment, and not necessarily the event that triggered it.

Through years of dedicated practice on the field, an inborn sense of empathy and the ability to blend in with the families, Edwin Ochoa has developed the knack of knowing just what aspects of the wedding to dramatize, which ones to re-create and which ones to play with and tweak.

Eventually, the end result is a collection of memories frozen in prints and digital albums that do more than just record the wedding as an aspect in one's life; they breathe life into the event and keep the memories and magic behind the moments as fresh and new as the photographs themselves.

About Edwin Ochoa
Edwin Ochoa is arguably the best wedding photographer in New York, having created lasting memories for literally every kind of wedding possible. The testimonials of satisfied couples and their families and the continuous flow of referrals are testaments to his ability.

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