Eerie Photo Provides Evidence to the Existence of Ghosts


Sunbury, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2014 -- There are thousands of true ghost stories out there but one book is causing a huge stir among paranormal enthusiasts worldwide because of the dramatic cover photo which shows the full face of a real apparition. The book is called The Ghost Family of Pennsylvania and it is authored by paranormal investigator, Kathryn Kaye. The book is based on a true story and the ghost in the photograph is real! It is so compelling that the West End Paranormal Society has dubbed it "the best piece of paranormal photographic evidence they have ever seen." They are not the only ones to feel this way as countless paranormal shows, websites and enthusiasts have requested interviews with the author. As of this point, no one has been able to discredit the photograph.

The book itself is based on a family that lost their home due to the massive flooding of Tropical Storm Lee in 2011. After their house was destroyed, the family went bankrupt and was forced to move to a small apartment in Sunbury, PA. Soon after moving in, they started to suspect that the rental home may be haunted. The family reports that they see shadowy figures, hear disembodied voices, locked doors will come unlocked and open on their own and the sound of a child can be heard running through the kitchen. However the family became fully convinced that they were not alone when a face appeared in the glass window of their back door. The face itself appeared to be three dimensional and people who saw it firsthand claim that they could see around the eyes, up the nose and even into the mouth! The face remained on the door for nearly two weeks and the book's cover is one of the pictures that were taken of the window during that time. The book's author, Kathryn Kaye has conducted numerous paranormal investigations on the property and she was present when the face was still visible on the window.

After being greatly moved by the amount of evidence in the house, Kathryn Kaye wanted to tell the story. In an interview on WILK FM's Paranormal Science, Kathryn Kaye discussed her reasons for writing the book. She stated that by telling the true story without adding a fictional twist, she hoped that other people who were experiencing the same types of phenomena could gain a deeper understanding of the paranormal and maybe find a little piece of mind in the process. The book itself is doing quite well and it is currently available in print and on Amazon's Kindle.

About Kathryn Kaye
Kathryn Kaye is an author and a paranormal investigator from central Pennsylvania. She has written several books on true paranormal phenomena including the popular True Tales of Ghostly Experiences Series which features The Ghost Family of Pennsylvania and Spirits of the Old West.