Efecto Gallery: Transcending Boundaries with Universal Art


Warsaw, Poland -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2014 -- For over ten years, Efecto Gallery has been, and is still, producing and reproducing art. It collaborates with talented contemporary artists to bring works of art traditionally accessible only through museums closer to connoisseurs.

Works by renowned artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, and Salvador Dali are just a few of the many paintings that the gallery has stocked and made ready for reproduction.

Great paintings do not simply capture beautiful imagery but also has captivating messages and controversial questions. Artists at Efecto Gallery are aware of these elements that make a work of art great and take great care at reproducing them. Each reproduced painting is hand painted so that they look just like original paintings.

Over those ten years, the gallery has not only reproduced famous paintings for art lovers all over Poland but has also sold contemporary artists’ new and original works. The gallery has gained reputation through art connoisseurs’ trust in its respect for art and its ability to deliver.

More than delivering high quality reproduced art, Efecto Gallery’s goal is satisfying clients’ tastes and standards. This is why the gallery offers the option of customized paintings. Clients who have ideas they want to transform into paintings may send photographs of the image and the gallery’s artists will turn them into works of art.

Clients may also choose which size they want their paintings. They may choose between the following canvas sizes: 100cm x 80cm, 100cm x 100cm and 120cm x 80cm, or dictate a custom size. The gallery also offers different types of frames; but this is optional as majority of the paintings don’t need them.

Moreover, it knows that satisfaction includes transactional and shipping services. The gallery ensures to deliver the paintings in the shortest amount of time possible. Reproductions of stock paintings are always ready for shipping 5 minutes after payment. Customized paintings, on the other hand, take 2-3 weeks to be finished.

Certainly, all of these celebrated painters have touched art connoisseurs from all over the world. The images’ famous painters have painted may be set in their respective homes but the beauty and ideas they communicate are nothing short of universal, transcending spatial and generational boundaries.

Now, Efecto Gallery is ready to reach out to art connoisseurs all over the world who have been longing to have their favorite paintings in their homes or offices. Visit efecto.pl to know more