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Effective Alternative for Excel out in Online Market


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- For people working with data and numbers, excel is one application that everyone counts on. In fact, many people’s work heavily depends on excel everyday. For all those who are interested to know the available alternatives for excel, the new XLS Viewer could be a worthy option. For all the purposes that involve huge amounts of data management, this tool contains all the options that excel could offer.

To download excel would also mean a lot of time consumpion. The XLS file Viewer can be downloaded within a few minutes and has easy step by step process. All the files can be automatically opened after the tool is installed. The user interface is similar to excel. This makes it easy to work on the tool. This tool is available online and can be downloaded free of cost.

About XLS Viewer
The display of the XLS viewer is quite similar to that of excel. The files could be saved in folders and can be viwed later on. Documents could be printed using this tool similar to that of excel. It is quite simple to view XLS files and there is no need of additional applications. The quality of the files would be similar to that of excel. In situations where excel does not function, the excel files could be opened with this tool. This tool also supports exporting files to HTML. Files exported to HTML can be viewed on any other browser. It works on various platforms and has received positive reviews from users.

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