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Effective Management of Insurance Leads Is the Key to Agency Success


Newtown Sq, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2014 -- To develop a business, a manager needs to implement expansion tactics, not cost-cutting measures.

“While it may seem a bit counterintuitive to add staff, conduct focused and expensive market research, launch sales promotions, reduce product and fee costs or launch more email campaigns, it is not. It’s thinking outside of the traditional cost-cutting box that stalls a business,” pointed out Clelland Green, CEO at “To reverse a downward trend, think upward. Pull out all the stops. Invest in exclusive insurance leads and employ other expansion techniques.”

A good lead management system assists in converting leads to customers. Be aware that using online leads means working even faster. The “instant” environment of the internet allows and requires you to follow up on insurance leads as soon as they are received. People do not like waiting. If they do not get an answer within 30 minutes, they tend to move on to another source.

“Potential customers contacted through an online lead generation company need to know how to reach you. You must post all of your contact information prominently for them to see. Just an email address is useless. Always include a working phone number. Always respond to messages within five minutes, if possible. Within 30 minutes as a rule of thumb. And when you post on Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets, always post something of value,” Green added.

Diligently worked leads are the key to conversions. Track all leads as they are contacted. Enter them into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or simply create an Excel spreadsheet. Keep track of when a potential client was contacted, what was discussed, what materials were sent, in what he or she had interest and what insurance policies were suggested. Above all else, make sure to determine the priority of each lead. Some will be in a hurry to buy right away, and some will need to think through all options before committing.

“And the simplest thing of all that many agents overlook is to give customers what they want. They want a life insurance policy that suits their needs, not one you think may fit their circumstances. Work to give them a custom-fit policy. It’s what good customer service is all about, and how a growing insurance agency keeps on converting insurance leads to customers,” said Green.

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