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Effects of Stress on Workouts


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- While exercise is an effective way of reducing stress, the sensation of anxiety can have a negative impact on physical performance. By understanding how stress affects the physical body, we can begin to outsmart it and continue to improve our physical performance.

One of the first ways stress can affect a workout is by ruining its schedule. Deadlines or extra meetings can often throw wrenches into the most well thought out fitness plans by altering our schedule, and if we’re under stress it could mean that time at the gym is what gets cut. This can lead to fallbacks in fitness performance, or even a total exercise cut from daily life.

To avoid this, practice meditation or other stress-management techniques to keep what’s happening in perspective. These will not only help reduce the level of anxiety one is experiencing, but it’s been shown that these techniques make it more likely one will follow a regular exercise schedule by making life seem more manageable. Mediate on walks around the office, take deep breaths, or simply just smile while sweating the stress. Smiling sends a physiological response to the brain that automatically improves mood fractionally, which could be enough to tip the scales towards a positive attitude.

Along with wrecking routine, stress can hinder recovery processes and slow down fitness gains. Everyone feels sore after a good workout, but the more stressed one is while working out, the more likely they are to be distracted. Distractions can equal injury, and stress can make it harder to recover overall. Not only that, stress can hinder performance by keeping us distracted from focusing on ourselves. This can affect setting goals, or cause a person to feel like a failure if a lofty goal they set isn’t reached.

To combat both of the above, try to keep a healthy perspective on what is happening in life before setting goals. If a big merger is coming up or a huge life event is happening, set smaller more attainable goals until the stressor has passed. And prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to injury. Make sure the body is fully healed from one training session before engaging in another. This will keep a person moving forward on their health and wellness path, and keep them exercising regularly for both physical health and mental well-being.

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