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Efficient Magnetic Gauges: An Innovation in the Liquid Level Measurement System

The magnetic gauge is used to measure the liquid level inside the processing vessels. The magnetic gauges are compatible with the gravity of specific liquids also. The efficient magnetic gauges are the best option for industrial applications dealing with the liquids.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2015 -- Efficient Magnetic Gauges: An Industrial Tool To Deal With The Liquids

Earlier, when there used to be limited devices like a manometer, the applications were limited to just measurement of the pressure of the liquid. These devices were unable to withstand very high pressure.

The magnetic gauge serves as a multipurpose device for the industrial application

The major application of a magnetic gauge is liquid level and pressure management. The measurement of the pressure and the level of the liquid inside the vessels is not possible with normal measuring devices. The efficient magnetic gauges are enforced inside the vessels for the liquid management system. The mechanism consists of a permanent and a powerful magnet sealed inside the float. The rise and the fall of the liquid cause the opening and the closing of the switch. The electronic and the pneumatic devices are used for the automation of the point level control. The capacity of the switches has updated up to 2500 Watts.

Even if the chambers are non-magnetic or non-fragile, the efficient magnetic gauges are compatible with the gravity of different and the specific liquids. The industries which deal with the liquids prefer the magnetic gauge as it has several numbers of advantages listed below.

- Resistance To Corrosion
- Easy To Modify
- It Is Completely Safe
- Low Maintenance

The indicators of the magnetic level gauge are improved in the newest version. The bright flashlight on the indicator window blinks during any process of the gauge.

The efficient magnetic gauges present the superior quality performance even if it is treated with the liquids of different gravity. The pressure handling capacity of the efficient magnetic gauges is increasing with the update in the product. Moreover, the size is not restricted. Mostly, it is used for the medium-sized vessels. As an innovation, it is applicable to large vessels also. Even, the float chamber and the magnetic float which is sealed inside can be customized according to the size of the vessel.

The products of the liquid management system are constantly updated. With this, the efficiency of the magnetic gauges is also increasing. Nowadays, the magnetic gauge is operated with the help of a microcontroller. The signals are sent through the controller in case if the pressure of the liquid is to be changed manually.

The expansion in the offerings includes:
- Glass-trac liquid gauges and valve
- Steam-Trac steam and water gauges
- Level-Trac Steam and Water Level Indicators and Alarms
- Magne-Trac Magnetic Gauge

The symmetry of a tested and a time proven product coupled with the energy of the efficient magnetic gauges has faced the liquid level measurement challenges successfully.

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