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Albany, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- Effortless English review has been released to give detailed insights on the world's best English learning course. This will be of great assistance to those who are weak in speaking or understanding English. There are several individuals who are shy or feel embarrassed in speaking the English language, and this course is perfectly designed for them.

At Effortless English, the Power English system is used which has provided great help to about more than a million people. The Effortless English program is designed in a way with the best ideas and detailed research which is totally different from the old English teaching methods.

Frederic Achour of France had to say the following for the Effortless English program, “I thank you very much for the great method you have given to me. It works very well! Since I have started, I have made a huge improvement.”

With Effortless English, one can learn to speak English with ears and not with the age old methods of learning through text books. With the Power English teaching methods, individuals can learn the language with ease. The method provides the following benefits:

- Learn with fun and in a playful manner without any stress or the burden of text books
- Through the Deep Learning method, English words can be remembered
- English grammar is taught in a way similar to the teaching methods of American schools in which grammar is taught naturally and without any strict grammar rules
- With all the active everyday conversations, students can gain confidence to speak fluent English

With the Power English pack, students of Effortless English get more than 35 hours of digital audio lessons that include the following:

- More than 125 lessons, in 32 different lesson sets
- Powerful “Listen & Answer” Mini-Stories
- Point-of-View Story Lessons
- Audio Articles

Those who wish to speak English fluently have nothing to wait for. All they need to do is to log on to Once the sign up procedure is done, the student will receive a powerful method for learning English every day for an entire week. The 7 rules assist the individual in learning the basics of the language in a totally different way.

The users will receive a video clip for an entire week. In the later weeks that follow, the users will receive 2-4 emails from Effortless English every month. The emails include study tips, recommended books and lessons, website recommendations, and how to improve reading and pronunciation.

Students of Effortless English can also join the elite VIP Program which teaches advanced English. However, this program is a paid program. With Effortless English, privacy is maintained. No email ID of an individual is passed on to anyone else. Plus the students have an option of resigning from the program whenever they want to.

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