Effortless Peace & Happiness: A Handbook to Understand Joy

Written by Michael Seriosa, Effortless Peace and Happiness is a 17-page book with deep insights on what happiness truly means. The author attempts to help readers find their own peace and happiness by four means which are elucidated in the book.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- For most people, the pursuit of happiness is a never-ending one. We are always looking to infuse our lives with joy and removing every trace of sorrow from it. But sometimes, the search for inner peace and happiness can come at a great cost and this is the foundational idea of Michael Seriosa’s book Effortless Peace and Happiness.

A slim e-book spanning over just 17 pages, Seriosa’s book is however not bereft of profundity. It begins with a factual detail – every month, the keywords “how to be happy” is put on search about 55,600,000 times by users from all over the world. These are statistics provided by Google. Seriosa’s writing is simple and lucid which is sure to strike a chord with this massive and varied readership which accesses the Internet in the quest for happiness.

The book is divided into three acts. Seriosa combines his own ideas with references from religion, history and mythology to present a comprehensive and moving look at what happiness really is and how sometimes too much of it can also be a bad thing. As he says at the very start of the book, “happiness does have a DARK side”. Beginning with this unusual take, Seriosa goes on to explain through examples and literary allusions, the significance of happiness and peace. He breaks the myth that material pleasures can lead to happiness. Instead he propounds the importance of leading a virtuous life and living a life true to God as the only ways leading to achieve inner tranquility and joy.

The most important part of the book is contained in Act II - Seriosa’s four keys to effortless peace and happiness. Here, he emphasizes that the only means for people to unconditional happiness is for them to love God selflessly and remember, despite everything, that God loves them as well – “Knowing the truth that God loves us brings peace to our soul and peace produces happiness effortlessly”.

Seriosa has decided to make the slim digital book available to all online users free of charge. All one has to do is access the website On entering their name and email contact in the registration form placed on the right side of the home page, they will be promptly redirected to the Pdf. link. What makes Effortless Peace and Happiness a real winner of a book is that it is brimming with useful ideas and helpful tips without any hint of fluff. Easy to read at one go, the format of the book makes it convenient for readers to save the file and read later.

About Effortless Peace and Happiness
Effortless Peace and Happiness is a 17-page book with deep insights on what happiness truly means. This book can be downloaded at at no cost. The goal of this book is to help as many people willing to learn to live a stress-free life with effortless peace and happiness.

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