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Efforts to Lower Auto Insurance Premiums and Fraud Increase in Florida


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2011 -- Florida’s no-fault accident laws have caused costs to skyrocket for personal injury protection. Florida auto insurance fraud is at all-time highs, and staged accidents, bogus pain clinics, and excessive claims are causing auto insurance premiums to go higher and higher. A new campaign called “Gear Up Florida” has begun to fight against these types of fraudulent activities to ultimately protect consumers and their wallets.

“The Florida Legislature and the campaign are going to focus their solutions on how to curb fraud and rein in insurance costs in the next year,” said Lee Rogers of the Florida Insurance Group.

Claims from Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Hialeah had the most questionable accidents statewide. State legislators want to focus their efforts in these big cities to see how improvements can be made. Governor Rick Scott is zoning in on preventing fraud, limiting auto accident lawsuits, and reforming auto-medical clinics and accountability. These issues are costing taxpayers close to $1 billion a year.

Floridians pay more than 50 percent higher rates on auto insurance than other states’ residents. Concerned individuals want to find out how other states with personal injury protection and no-fault laws have been able to keep fraud and premiums in check.

“Each year it is good to review your auto insurance premiums to make sure they have all the protection you want and need,” said Rogers. “This is a time when we can shop your policy around to see if there is a more competitive rate.”

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