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EFiX Plug-in Craftsmanship: The Science and Complexity Behind the Scenes


Koln, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- The industry’s best EFiX® library features nearly 30 plug-ins, co-developed with the biggest brands in IT industry. These plug-ins can be purchased with EFiX® BPU hardware from retailers as part of bundled “Custom” and “Ultimate” packages.

Most people don’t understand or notice immediately the complexity of work behind the scenes done at Art-Studios while developing each of plug-ins.

The reason is the perfect automation of each plug-in which was developed with one thought in mind, - the absolute ease of usage, which is achieved not only by fully transparent integration into your system and its complete transparency to the system and user, but also by development of highly complex and intelligent automation algorithms.

This clearly separates EFiX® plug-ins from any solutions offered on the market today. Not even to mention that currently, all available plug-ins are unique in the industry.

One of the most common responses we hear from EFiX® users is, “Amazing, I didn’t know that automation can be such perfect, it is so easy to use now both Mac and PC operating systems.”

That’s because in developments of EFiX® plug-ins a team of world’s top professional researchers, developers and scientists involved, who are working with the famous German thoroughness and attention to details around the clock not only on new plug-in inventions, but also continuously advance and perfect the present ones. The perfection of each plug-in grooves while you are working at day or sleeping at night. It’s how EFiX® plug-ins can provide such high automation, perfection and functionality to your PC – bringing its ease of usage and true Plug-and-Go experience.

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