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EFiX BPU Powered Plug-Ins Platform


Taipei, Taiwan -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- The EFiX® BPU Powered Plug-Ins platform offers the world’s most advanced, sophisticated and cutting edge booting processing, plug-ins for your PC.

Powered by our popular EFiX® V4 Booting Processing hardware, EFiX® plug-ins deliver rich Multi-OS environment, professional Mac OS X software support on PC, Boot Manager and much more that would be impossible to achieve with any known software or hardware solutions.

From newest versions of Mac OS X support on PC, hundreds of in-house developed drivers, amazing debugging system and bug fixes for BiOS/EFi of your motherboard, to fully automated, malicious software and virus resistant Boot Manager, EFiX® V4 Powered Plug-Ins provides the hassle-free “out-of-the-box” experience. And that all fully complete transparent to your system.

Free Keeping Firmware updating during the warranty period, always new features and increasing value of your investment

Works with windows(your original system), Linux(your original system) , Mac OS X 10.6 /10.7 /10.8(product of Apple)

Hardware Boot Manager (make over 3 operation systems even more operation systems work together)

BiOS /EFi fixing unit

Fixes Mac OS’ bugs and limitations

Can add or change computer parts as you wish, just follow our HCL

Fast supporting service, on duty service engineer for 24 hours

A button(“R” key) to make the Firmware back at your last one A second

Special power supply makes EFiX™ no blackout while doing multi-works for you

Protect data not been crashing by malicious code or virus during booting

Could let Mac OS X system completely work on PC, no delay functions only a fluent create in Mac OS X system

Completely apply all the functions of Mac OS to make a high quality video & studio

Make your original software of Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8 work more stable