eFlip Software Introduces New Means for Brand Building by Using eFlip Standard


Hong Kong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- The 3D flipbook publishing software from offers new tools eFlip Standard for brand building, which is more important than ever before in the e-book publishing industry.

Software tools from eFlip now help with brand building in addition to many other details in the e-book publishing process. Brand awareness is significant to e-book retailers because for customers to remain loyal to a particular product, they need to recognize the individual identity of the brand. It concentrates on the part of the target market buying the product. Concepts such as brand recall and brand recognition come into play also, as customers can immediately recollect which brand a particular product belongs to.

By facilitating brand awareness, e-book retailers can have a direct impact on the consumer’s decision to purchase. Designing, creating, and publishing flipbooks has never been easier and there are sure to be competitors on the market. Businesses stay on top of the game by increasing the number of purchasing customers and having repeat purchases. Logos and personal information about the creator is just a couple of examples which foster brand building.

The software from not only makes it simple to create e-books, but also has tools to concentrate on each publication’s brand. First, it has a feature for embedding a logo. For example, 3D eFlip Standard includes ten templates, each with a Logo Settings function. Logos are among the primary ways customers recognize a particular brand, so it helps to design a creative and attractive one. The software lets users easily import the logo into the e-book, so it will appear while the reader is viewing the flipbook. Users can also add a link to the logo file online, a feature that can also build website traffic.

Another beneficial feature is the ability to add “About” information. Users just have to click the “Option” tab, then “Flash Information” to open the “Presenter Setting” interface. Here, one can edit author, website, e-mail, and their information, which will be presented along with the e-book for readers. The author’s identity is not only in play to build brand awareness. Users can also design their own backgrounds. These can be artistic and also reflect the image and spirit of the enterprise. Pictures, colors, and logos can easily be worked into the background.

There are many possibilities with flipbook creating software. Design tools for everyone are included, but being able to focus on brand awareness has not been left out. For more information, visit our website and learn about the software at

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