eFlip Standard: Software Businesses Should Upgrade Their Services for the Benefit of Users


Guangzhou, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- It is amazing how people appreciate doing business with software companies that ensure they have the latest version available for download. Users would normally think twice before signing up with a software company where the software is outdated. They may want to add certain features using Windows 8 or the latest MAC version only to find that the software they bought is out of date and gives them error messages. Can you imagine how annoyed they will be. Businesses should ensure that they regularly upgrade their products or services for their users benefit. This will further ensure that they remain competitive.

Additionally, existing members who uses software provided would welcome news from software companies where they would send a newsletter or e zine indicating that an upgraded version is available for download. You can be sure that companies like these will keep old users and potentially attract new users who are on the lookout for the latest available software or programs.

Technology is moving faster than anything these days with more and more state of the art gadgets seeing the light of day. It is therefore absolutely imperative if not essential to upgrade any software provided such as eflip . Designers of modern eBooks, catalogs and e-magazines will be very disappointed if they have to work with software where no upgrades take place. This is why software companies should always ensure they provide upgrading services to help ensure they keep their clients happy.

Just take the popularity of flipping books lately. There are even flip-boards coming out that again shows that technology is not standing still. As designers of electronic magazines, eBooks and catalogs, you can be certain that they would want the latest page flip software from software companies such as who recently upgraded their flagship software eFLip Standard to Version 2.0. That is what are talking about when we say software companies, especially flipbook software, should stay with the times.

Amazingly eFLip Standard serves as a flipbook maker software where everyone, young and old, can convert PDF's into fantastic 3D flipbooks. Various editing functions are made available where flipbook designers can add all kinds of media at the touch of a button and create visual products with 360 degree functionality. Customers of these designers will be more than pleased to experience the modern way of page flipping through a book on any mobile device. Both Mac Users and Windows Users were considered in the latest Version 2.0 of eFLip Standard. Estate agents love the 3D Panoramic capabilities of this software and so do prospective property owners who are on the look out for the latest properties, doing so from the comfort of their lounge chair.

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