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EGA Futura Revolutionizes e-commerce in Partnership With


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2012 -- EGA Futura, developer of Business Management Software, is set to revolutionize the eCommerce Software market thanks to an alliance with The new updates to their StockBase POS software are set to increase visibility of ecommerce stores and drive down management time and expenses.

In the new version of the software StockBase POS, companies can not only manage the administration, billing, purchasing, sales and inventory of their products, but they also have the ability to post them in with a single click. This is set to save hundreds of hours for ecommerce store owners who traditionally spent weeks uploading information to

The one click synchronization works across all products allowing stores to be created in minutes rather than weeks. Product information only needs to be entered once in StockBase POS, and automatic synchronization will make its inventory available to the millions of users looking for products or services through the online store offered by

This process is dynamic, so any price change, inventory and characteristics of existing products will be updated in the cloud eCommerce Store. Similarly, adding or removing products from StockBase POS, means they are instantly added or removed from the store.

This new POS StockBase option vastly increases efficiencies and profitability of ecommerce stores. It eliminates the number of hours per worker invested in updating the store, reducing the indirect cost of product releases and store management. In addition, the real time nature of the software avoids obsolete stock purchases.

Customers have also reported reduced storage costs as they are able to get products to market significantly faster.

The software also produces a plethora of statistical reports to enable ecommerce site owners to have up-to-date real time information.

About EGA Futura
Developer and provider of Business Management Software, billing and stock for small and medium enterprises. Creator of StockBase POS management software which handles billing, inventory, stock and now marketing and electronic commerce in a single platform.

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