First Kurdish Search Engine, Egerin, Is Launched


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2013 -- Egerin, the world’s first search engine in the Kurdish language, has been launched. It provides an alternative to the big search engines that do not have their language. Kurds can now search and write blogs in their own language and do not have to know English to use the Internet.

The new search engine allows Kurdish people to find information easily online, and also share it through an integrated blog system. Users can set up a blog account by entering their email to begin the sign up process. The blogs can be browsed based on the many different categories available. A standard email/password login enables bloggers to access their account.

Targeting a wide audience of over 40 million Kurds, the search engine provides a simplified interface for users to search the web. Similar to Google, web pages and meta data appear on the search result pages. Visitors can also look up videos, images, and news.

Similar to Google’s search by voice function, Egerin features a keyboard popup. When the icon is pressed on the search window, a keyboard with Kurdish characters appears at the bottom of the screen. The site therefore provides numerous options to make searching easier to those who speak the Kurdish language.

To use Egerin and its blog system, go to the search engine located at

About Egerin
Egerin ( is the world’s first Kurdish language search engine. It features a fully functional search and blog system, targeting a large audience of 40 million Kurdish language speakers. Videos, image, and news are also featured on the site.