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Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- There are many smokers who realize the ill effects of their habit but are not able to quit it for one reason or another. Others would like to have the experience of having a cigarette in their hand without bearing the brunt of the harmful chemicals that are released due to smoking. And that’s where come into the picture, offering users much needed respite.

They have become quite popular today primarily because they recreate the experience of smoking for users. They tick the right boxes when it comes to physical appearance, sensation, flavour and even the nicotine content that is inhaled in a cigarette. But the major difference is that they are devoid of the 4000 odd chemicals that are released while smoking.

These cigarettes are said to have several other benefits including the fact that one doesn’t have to worry about the effect of second hand smoking. Since a special liquid often used in these cigarettes is vaporised recreating the effect of smoking without the odour associated with it, one doesn’t have to think twice about their clothes reeking of the smell as well.

Moreover now users can use these cigarettes without any inhibition in public places and restaurants too. And since there are no burning parts involved, they are meant to be a lot safer to be used, both indoors and outdoors. Hence it’s not uncommon to see smokers switching over to these cigarettes in large numbers all over the world.

Ego Cigarettes has now made it easier for its users to source these cigarettes no matter where they are. They can now go through the catalogue of starter kits and accessories that are brought to them by the company and make a huge difference to their lifestyle.

To go through the collection of Electronic Cigarettes and starter kits offered by the company one can visit the website.

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It is a well known e cigarette store that has been offering EGO and 510 compatible starter kits to its customers for some time now. It also stocks accessories that assure good quality and competitive prices for its customers.

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