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Egusi's Afro-Caribbean Food - Now Available Online


Hong Kong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2014 -- Egusi is a company that focuses in providing their customers with Afro-Caribbean food that they obtain from all around the world. A family-owned business, the owners of Egusi understands the importance of providing people with food items that remind them of home and family. By going online, they have made sure that people in the country who are from African or West-Indian (or both) descent do not miss out on the flavors that they can only get from their home country. On, people can order African food online.

The store has a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, seafood and meats. They also house desserts under the ‘bakery’ section. When it comes to meat and poultry, the store has turkey, beef, chicken and goat meat. An array of delicious and ripe fruits like whole plantain bananas (ripe and unripe, both) are available. Vegetables include the famous Scotch bonnet hot peppers, Cassava tubers, whole egusi seeds, Ugu leaves and more. Seafood lovers can opt for smoked catfish, mackerel, prawns and bonga fillet etc. The bakery sells the famous Tom Tom sweets, Cabin biscuits, chin chin and plantain chips etc. Under Nigerian foods, fruits, drinks and desserts, the store houses Nigerian buns, Nigerian Fanta, Nigerian chaw chaw and Nigerian cherry fruit.

Tins, canned food and other cooking ingredients can also be bought from the online store. Stock cubes include beef chicken and fish stock. A number of different African spices like the Dunn river all-purpose seasoning, the Suya spice, Dunn River’s Caribbean hot curry powder and mild curry powder are also up for sale. Olu olu palm oils, along with Trofai palm nut concentrate, is sold for the perfect touch of Caribbean spice and flavor. Tinned food include tomato puree, Exeter corned beef, Tropiway plantain fufu and Tropiway cocoyam fufu flour.

There are a number of reasons why people should buy from Egusi. Firstly, they ship all stocks with express service with the stock reaching the customer in twenty-four to forty-eight hours. They offer incredibly cheap shipping rates of fewer than ten pounds. They also guarantee a secure shopping experience by using the 128 bit SSL technology for internet safety. They also have other leading safety protocols in place for maximum protection. They offer all goods at wholesale prices and they ship orders outside of the United Kingdom as well.

Interested buyers can log on to to shop for African groceries online or call 020 3633 2419 for further guidance.