Eight Questions to Ask When Looking for a Paper Shredding Company


Gainesville, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2012 -- Selecting a paper shredding company is a very important task. You want to insure that the company you select meets the highest quality standards while still giving you the best value for your dollar. Here are eight important questions to ask when selecting a paper shredding company for your Northern VA business.

1. Do you shred documents on-site or off-site? This question is the first one you should ask, and the most important one. An off-site shredding company will transport your papers to a warehouse or storage facility where they will eventually be handled, sorted, and shredded by hand. Because the shredding services happen off-site, you never have the opportunity to see just exactly how your documents are handled. At TrueShred, your confidential materials are shredded on-site, at your curb side, which means that there is a completely secure chain of custody with no opportunity for your documents to fall into the wrong hands.

2. How often do you pick up, and how long does the process take? Depending on the amount of materials you have, you may need shredding services once a day, once a week, or just once a month. You can choose to have your screened, bonded, licensed, insured, and background-checked TrueShred representative come to your location as often as you would like. Our shredder is able to destroy materials at an amazing rate of 8,000 pounds per hour. The shredding process is fast, reliable, and efficient. At completion, you will receive a dated Certificate of Destruction for your records.

3. Where should I store my sensitive papers and other items to be shredded? When you choose TrueShred, you will receive a free locked console (90 pound capacity) or bin (340 pound capacity) in which to store all of your items to be shredded. This way, regardless of how often you schedule your shredding service, your documents will remain in a safe receptacle. The receptacle is emptied by your TrueShred representative, transported securely outside to the TrueShred truck, and then immediately shredded on site.

4. Do you have any surcharges or pick up fees? Some shredding companies charge by the minute, which means that there is no guarantee that your quoted price will be what you actually pay. Others charge fees to come to you, or tack on surcharges. At TrueShred, we have flat, fixed rate pricing. We do not charge by the minute, and we have no hidden fees.

5. Do you offer emergency services? Not every shredding company is able to offer one-time services; some require a long-term contract. At TrueShred, we offer an on-demand “purge” service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

6. Do you shred confidential materials other than paper? Many people today think it is safe to simply erase information off of computer hard drives, computer backups, CDs, and DVDs before throwing them away. In reality, all of these materials should be shredded, just like your bank statements, ATM receipts, and business files. TrueShred can safely shred many types non-document items, including product samples, identification badges, and x-rays.

7. Are you NAID certified? If a shredding company is certified by NAID, the National Association of Information Destruction, it means that it has been approved by the highest authority in the shredding industry. TrueShred is certified AAA by the NAID, which is the highest possible rating, and is a rating only 1 in every 4 shredding companies receives.

8. Do you require a long-term contract? Some shredding companies will require you to sign a long-term commitment, which means you will be forced to pay for their services even if you do not use them. As mentioned before, a long term contract is never required by TrueShred.

About TrueShred
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