EinfachSchnellAbnehmen.com Publishes Latest Redunovin Review Based on Personal Tests


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- EinfachSchnellAbnehmen.com, a website dedicated in reviewing various natural weight loss supplements available in Germany, has recently published a full Redunovin review which is based on a personal test that they had performed earlier. The test displayed promising results with an overall weight loss of nearly 9 kg in only 6 weeks without any specific lifestyle changes.

Redunovin has gained immense popularity in Germany and there have been many positive reviews from its consumers. However, since the team behind EinfachSchnellAbnehmen.com shares only its own research, they decided to perform their own test on voluntary subjects.

The test showed that Redunovin is in fact an exceptional appetite suppressant, which its manufacturer has been claiming. The Redunovin review informed that even though the appetite control is not activated immediately after intake of the supplement, after 3-4 days of consistent consumption of 2 capsules per day (one in the morning before breakfast and one at night before sleeping) there is a significant difference.

Suppressing appetite in itself is often enough to lose weight as the total calorie intake per day decreases but the team found that Redunovin also improves metabolism which is considered the real key to losing weight.

The manufacturer of Redunovin claims that their supplement improves the release of fat from the cells, directly targeting the principle reason for weight gain. The team of EinfachSchnellAbnehmen.com has confirmed this claim by measuring the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) of the test subjects, enabling them to burn more calories especially when the body is at complete rest at night.

Overall the website, http://einfachschnellabnehmen.com, has recommended Redunovin to all individuals seeking weight loss solutions. The team has suggested their followers to first try the supplement for at least 2 weeks before making judgments about the product. Full review and description of the ingredients present in Redunovin can be viewed on the website.

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EinfachSchnellAbnehmen.com is one of the leading websites to provide reviews and personal analysis of popular natural weight loss supplements available in Germany. The website currently shared a review of the increasingly popular supplement Redunovin and performed a personal test with voluntary subjects.

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